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Beautiful Birds

The Swamp Hen is somewhat ungainly as it walks, with its big wading feet and a sort of Dr Seuss character type of manner. But their colours are so beautiful it is impossible not to admire them!

"swamp hen", waterbirds

This photo is now available on the Smallfox Photography website – you can view it larger there by clicking on the photo.


New uploads

These aren’t new photos exactly, but they’re new to the new site. They are under the category of Architecture and Buildings.

This first one, A little colour, is a shed at the old Fremantle Docks in Western Australia. I found it difficult to get good photos of this place – I could never seem to get the right angle, the one that combined all the elements I wanted.

colorful sheds

This is Clean Lines, a building in Sydney (New South Wales) which wishes to remain anonymous. Well, that is, I don’t know what this building is; but I liked the contrast between the blue of the windows and the white-ish building itself.

blue white buildings windows

Here’s another photo of the Grace Building in Sydney, a Deco structure with charm. There aren’t to many buildings of this era around, at least not ones that look as good as this.

grace building sydney deco

The Sydney War Memorial: this is in Hyde Park, in the section closer to the Museum. I’m never sure what to think of memorials and the wars that they commemorate. People dying for the country…okay, if it’s someone like Hitler then war it must be. But I rather think that the majority of wars are for somebody’s greed these days.

Sydney war memorial

Finally, Wall of Windows. It’s just a block of flats in North Sydney, but they have a monument’s imposing presence. Such an ordinary thing that looks so extraordinary.

building apartments north sydney


New Smallfox Photos up and running.

The new site is up and running officially as Smallfox Photography! Come and see!

tree purple sky night


They had said that it could take 48 hours but they were quite a bit quicker indeed 😀


Upgrading and refitting Smallfox Photography website.

I am finally upgrading my site and refitting it to make it neater. I’ve added so many things on there that it did become a bit of a mess. Still work in progress, and the site takes up to 48 hours to be properly upgraded. But at least it is in progress. Will have a new email address dedicated to the site. It will have its own private domain.

I am also making it easier to use, again.

Anyway, I will update here as soon as there is news.


Smallfox Photography on FaceBook

Smallfox Photography has a FaceBook page and there is an app on there for logging into the website directly from FaceBook. Click the pic to go there.

And while I am about it, I should mention: I am always looking for more members. So here’s the promotional deal: any member who brings in another two members and get any item you like at cost. This amounts to a 30 to 50 % discount.

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