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A little cheek

I was down at Sydney Park last Sunday. I had my camera with me but wasn’t expecting to actually take any photos.

Nonetheless, a young White-Faced Heron was on the scene, so the camera came out.

Heron 1

It was fishing along the margins of one of the ponds, there.

Heron 2

The plastic fencing in the background was put up to keep dogs out of the ponds, because there has been the occasional killing of bird-life there.

Heron 3

The little fellow was finding lots of little meals in the form of small fish. We must have had more rain than I realised because the water was quite a bit higher than I expected.

Heron 4

See it in action. It’s a quick little hunter – the fish didn’t stand a chance.


Callala Beach – Jervis Bay Marine Park

Callala colors

Callala Colours












I’d never been down this way before, Callala Beach, part of the Jervis Bay Marine Park, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.
It’s a quiet place, and the enclosed bay means that the waves are almost non-existent, so it’s ideal for swimming.

hermit crabs

Hold on

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle

Pied Oystercatcher

Pied Oystercatcher

There is wildlife, of course. There must have been thousands of Hermit Crabs on that beach. At least one Sea Eagle, which I saw with a fish later. A couple of these Pied Oystercatchers (how hard is it to catch an oyster?).

scallops shells

Time and Tide

Sandstone Shoreline

Sandstone Shoreline

afternoon sunlight

Afternoon glow on the headland

Walking into the sunset

Walking into the Sunset

water shoreline
















Nelson’s Beach: we went there for an afternoon and the landscape was a little more dramatic.

Nelson's Beach

Ocean Mists












We headed south down the beach one morning and could see a town in the distance. We thought we’d have a coffee there. Alas, after over an hour, we were sooo close…

So near and yet...

We did see a more appropriate form of transport.

The only way to travel

Hermit Crab 1

Go here for a slideshow of more Flickr photos as I’m running out of space and there’s a video.

Just a little vid of Callala Beach. It ends with me walking into the sunset. (I finally found out how to adjust the aspect ratio for wide screen, to. If you were wondering, type into the tags section “yt:stretch=16:9” – yeah, so obvious.)

On our drive back we stopped off at Minnamurra Beach, and off shore was this magnificent island. I always feel about islands like this that they harbour some mystery. They look like a place not meant for humans but for spirits, the wild ocean and the birds.

Island of Secrets, minnamurra

Island of Secrets 4



A short video showing original photos and finished works.

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