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On the way to work…

A formerly dry morning turns a little wet.

Took this on my phone, which actually produces some nice low-light shots. I stopped at the bank on the way in to work when the skies openned and dropped a few bucketloads of rain for about a minute. Fortunately, the autoteller is sheltered.

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Since I have gotten myself a new Android phone this has necessitated my putting up pictures on Twitpic. Well, they are nothing all that special as of yet as I am learning all the features and learning to use them optimally, but fun ones have been uploaded.

Feel free to see!


Just a little thing…

…but I’ve finally managed to put a Twitter button at the top of this page. I had been copying it from the address bar to the field for Twitter and it wasn’t staying. Then I saw that the address began with https://…. in the address bar – why??

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