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All about the shapes

A black and white selection today from some photographs that I took last weekend.


I had walked through the city, behind the Art Gallery and into the Botanic Gardens realm.

Behind the Art Gallery

I’m only showing this selection for now because I’m still working through the collection of the day, but after I put these up a theme wasn’t difficult to discern: shapes.

And specifically, levels of comfort with these shapes. The first two, nice and smooth:


smooth marble

Partnering 3

smooth marble

Partnering 6


And the other two decidedly more spiky:

spiny plants


spiky plants

Old Dangers

I’ve uploaded these to RedBubble and you can see them there by clicking the pictures here.

Funny, as I sit and type I can smell the gardens all over again.



Flying Foxes in the Late Afternoon Light

They’re noisy, squabbling creatures, damaging trees in the Royal Botanic Gardens yet a protected, because endangered, animal. Bit of a quandary for the people who run the Gardens.

But they’re so beautiful! And apparently they’re related to primates, not the smaller bats.

flying foxes fruit bats

(Click image to view larger.)



The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, an intelligent, social bird, big and beautiful, as seen here at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

And mischievous little ratbags when they’re in the mood 😀


They can live to 80 years of age, so if you’re thinking of one as a pet, keep that in mind. They tend to bond to selected members of the family only.


A couple of new works

Well, one (the bromeliad) is actually an older photo that I’d forgotten about. I think it is in the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney).

The Swamp Hen below was a photograph that I took last weekend down at Sydney Park. It was an overcast day, rain came by a little later and I got a bit wet. All part of the experience.

That’s the thing with photography: the experience of going out and taking the photos is of equal importance to the actual photos themselves. Even if I do not get many – or any – usable photographs, the experience of being where I am, and with a camera, often makes up for it. The camera makes me look at my surroundings more closely. Sometimes I wish I could photograph the smells of the earth and the plants. Of course, it is even better if I get good shots. Sometimes the light just doesn’t allow for it, because even a dark shot needs good lighting.


Sleepy Goose

Sleepy Goose, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Stepping quietly…


Let it rain!

Let it rain!, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, inside the tropical house. This is as the artificial rain falls from sprinklers in the roof-struts. It creates a beautiful mist with the sunlight shining through it.


Miniature landscape with Sundews

Miniature landscape with Sundews, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Carnivorous plants are amongst my favourite things on the earth. The sundews’ sticky leaves catch insects and then curl around them and digest them. This is a tiny little moss-type garden – really I don’t know the names of these tiny plants but this shot is of less than a square metre. Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, inside the tropical house.

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