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The world’s greatest artist

…is the world itself.

Nature and the elements create the most beautiful works of art. Over who knows how many millions of years, these stones were fashioned by the same artist that fashioned us. They seem to be conveying a message for anyone who knows how to read it. Whether it is a geologist’s understanding or a gateway for meditation, the patterns on these stones talk to us.

Message from within

This stone seems to me like some kind of celestial map, charting the flow of energies in the macro- and microcosm.

Natural Record

This one tells a story of life on earth (or so I feel, these are just personal impressions) like a snapshot.

The photos were taken on Killilea Beach, south of Wollongong.


All about the shapes

A black and white selection today from some photographs that I took last weekend.


I had walked through the city, behind the Art Gallery and into the Botanic Gardens realm.

Behind the Art Gallery

I’m only showing this selection for now because I’m still working through the collection of the day, but after I put these up a theme wasn’t difficult to discern: shapes.

And specifically, levels of comfort with these shapes. The first two, nice and smooth:


smooth marble

Partnering 3

smooth marble

Partnering 6


And the other two decidedly more spiky:

spiny plants


spiky plants

Old Dangers

I’ve uploaded these to RedBubble and you can see them there by clicking the pictures here.

Funny, as I sit and type I can smell the gardens all over again.



Monthly Feature for April on Smallfox Photography

As promised here is the first monthly feature for member photos on Smallfox Photography.

This is Sugar Loaf Rock, by Jon Russell Staniland. It was hard to pick a winner but I chose this one for its drama and super-realism. I imagine being on those rocks as the waves threaten.

You can see all of his uploads to Smallfox Photography and also his RedBubble portfolio by clicking these links.


Australia Day at the beach – Austinmer

We spent Australia Day this year (January 26th) at Austinmer, on the south coast of New South Wales, below Sydney. It was warm to hot as we drove along and then we crested the hills and the comparitive coolness was like a breath of fresh air – well, it was.

As we drove back down the tree covered hills again, I at first thought that it was very odd that I could see nothing beyond the trees. It soon enough occurred to me that it was a mist or fog that was preventing me from seeing further. When we got down there, trying to find a place to set up amongst the crowd, I was amazed at just how thick the mist was, and it was kind of surreal to see people swimming with this mist about because I normally associate swimming at the beach with hot, sunny days. Well, it was quite hot, very muggy, and the water proved to be the best place to be, though the flags were narrowly placed so everyone was in a sort of queue. Swimming wasn’t much of an option – everyone just played in the waves.

If you ever get a chance, the south coast of New South Wales is a beautiful place to spend your time. The ‘mountains’ (in Australia, we don’t have much in the way of mountains, so we call big rocky hills mountains) come down to the sea, they are covered in trees and each cove has a small village-like settlement. As you can see from these pics, it is something (excuse me but I was just interrupted by a large Orchard Swallowtail butterfly in my home and had to help it out to safety) of a wonderland of nature!

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