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Back in the yard

A post on the possum in the My Backyard blog, back where it belongs, I guess.

He’s a funny little bugger.

You have food, don't you.


Sometimes this is all you can do

Sometimes this is all you can do, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Ivan is starting to look a bit like an old cat now, I think. And he loves ‘his’ red fluffy blanket.


More important things

More important things, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

…to think about than you lying on the floor making silly noises so I’ll look at you.


One of many moods

Sometimes I feel more like a colony than a person, there seem to multiple personalities in me but they’re all called Paul.

So while I was listening to my 60s playlist on Youtube (I was very small then and don’t really remember it – which means I was there, right?) and going over some photos, I came up with these. They’re just a bit of fun, really.

Here’s a little Jimi to help you get in the mood as you look through the photos:

It’s raining right now, too, as I write, and that always seems good to me for 60s music.

Mysterious Black

Over the fence, sitting on the lattice of a backyard neighbour’s upper storey deck, this mysterious puss seemed annoyed as I made silly noises to get its attention.

Ladypuss a real lady

The half-wild Ladypuss. I think she has a home and I think it’s called ‘The Earth’.

Blue Lady

Ladypuss, seriously

She was actually sitting on my lap a the other night when my wife’s hairdryer started up and scared the !@#$ out of her. She leapt up, climbing my face to get away, leaving me with scratches under my right eye – very close. But she didn’t mean any harm and we’re still friends.

Outdoor setting for cats

Ivan uses this to jump up onto the fence – he’s nearly twelve now so it’s not as easy for him as it used to be.

And you may be wondering why my own cat, Ivan, isn’t in this post. I guess he’s just not the hep cat type. He’s more space aged:

Ivan again


Yes I can see you too

Yes I can see you too, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Ivan likes to hang out on top of the shed over the back fence. Since they’ve cut the vines away, he’s not as invisible as he used to be.



Friendly, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

A very friendly puss, she would not let me go, rubbing and meowing whenever I stood up to leave. And then, when I did leave, she followed me quite a way and I would have to stop and pat her once more.


New works – Cat cards!

Ivan has been modelling for me of late – we’ve had him 10 years now and I think he’s getting used to us.

Now, I took these photos on my phone and all the editting was done on the phone, too. So it’s rather good, like a pocket photo lab. Of course it is limited in what it can do, but within those limits there are rather a lot of possibilities.

I was lucky the night that I took these because Ivan is not always compliant, which is a problem in low light.

There are also some new products available on Zazzle on the softly photographed Ivan theme:

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