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Spam Spam Spam – and St Stephen’s at night

So…I just logged into WordPress to find that my spam filter had filtered out 11 spam comments. These are of course deleted.

What do these people think I’m going to do??

Also, my mistake, the White-cheeked Heron doesn’t exist. It’s a White-faced heron. Silly me 🙂

And since this is a photo blog, have a photo: St Stephens at night. (Newtown, NSW, Australia)

St Stephen's at night


Not quite full

Not quite full, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

I’m quite pleased that I was able to get this shot with my cheap little camera.


Shop window, Newtown, at night.


Wandering by, I took this on my phone. It’s quite good in low light.


New works – Night Photography

I have done very little in the way of night photography. Not due to lack of opportunity, really, because night comes every day.

Anyway, I went with a friend, also a photographer, to the Vivid Festival in Circular Quay in Sydney. They put on light shows apparently. They light up the Opera House with images and patterns. It was alright but truthfully I was rather underwhelmed.

However, we then walked up to Macquaire St and on towards Hyde Park. I flicked my camera onto Shutter Priority and set it to 3 seconds. This is its maximum – it’s an old superzoom.

Well I quite liked some of the results, though in the dark there are so many things that come out in a picture that I couldn’t see at the time, so some composition didn’t work out as I intended. Overall, though, I am happy with what I managed to get and for the discovery of what a long exposure at night can do.

These can be seen larger by clicking on the pics. All are available on RedBubble.


Another Newtown at night photo taken on my new Samsung. on Twitpic




Newtown at night by phone


Another Newtown at night photo taken on my new Samsung. on Twitpic


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