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New Smallfox Photos up and running.

The new site is up and running officially as Smallfox Photography! Come and see!

tree purple sky night


They had said that it could take 48 hours but they were quite a bit quicker indeed 😀


News on the new site

Well, I am liking the new site on Photomerchant very much and think that I intend to go ahead with it unless I encounter any major problems in the future. I am in the process of connecting it to a domain and will put that up when it is ready. It will be I’ve never done this before and it takes time for the whole thing to sort itself out.

In the meantime, I’ve put up 11 galleries with 60 photos (as I type this). You can view these on the new site here.

freshwater crocodile




Well, I have quite a backlog of photos to be working on, having been a little busy with the camera. As I’m still in Perth until tomorrow, I won’t be able to get started until next week.

I have photos from Callala Beach and adjacent areas on the south coast of New South Wales, a few from around Leura in the Blue Mountains (some nice cloudy shots) and of course I will be bringing back photos from Perth (Western Australia), including a session at the Old Coogee Power Station (not to be confused with Coogee in NSW) with my cousin Russell as a tour guide. I had a great time there.

And I’ve still got the Currawongs video to finish. It takes quite a while to load it into Movie Maker so I’ll need a good amount of spare time to do that.

Anyway, that’s the update.


A couple of new works

Well, one (the bromeliad) is actually an older photo that I’d forgotten about. I think it is in the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney).

The Swamp Hen below was a photograph that I took last weekend down at Sydney Park. It was an overcast day, rain came by a little later and I got a bit wet. All part of the experience.

That’s the thing with photography: the experience of going out and taking the photos is of equal importance to the actual photos themselves. Even if I do not get many – or any – usable photographs, the experience of being where I am, and with a camera, often makes up for it. The camera makes me look at my surroundings more closely. Sometimes I wish I could photograph the smells of the earth and the plants. Of course, it is even better if I get good shots. Sometimes the light just doesn’t allow for it, because even a dark shot needs good lighting.


Building a broader view.

I thought that I would go with a theme here with the new works, at that should be pretty obvious if you look below. It seemed to be a good day for collecting such shots. Maybe the sun was at the right angle at this time of year but the reflections are clear and full of colour.


My Backyard Supplement

A supplementary blog to Smallfox Photography – I’ve been getting a lot of action in my backyard lately. Photographic action, I mean. And I felt that the main blog was getting too much of this so I’ve decided to add a supplementary blog: My Backyard.

This way I am able to keep posting these photos which, although I don’t feel they belong on the main photographic arts pages, still deserve a place of their own. They are chiefly of birds, some insects and a mysterious fungus so far. However, I can be more free in posting here, not taking up space on Smallfox Photography.

A link has been placed in the sidebar on the right. The page itself is a lovely green with a transparent roll.

See here!



The Smallfox brand will undergo an overhaul (under/over?) and while I am not entirely sure of what that will entail – not fully yet – the recent changes to this blog and PhotoArts indicate the direction.

I shall be changing the logo and banners and the website will also be cleaned up and simplified. I am currently working out how that shall be achieved and hope to have it completed by the end of the year.

(I shall also take this opportunity to point out that said website above has an ongoing promotion: if you join and get two other people to join then you can get any item you wish at cost price, a saving of up to 50%.)

So that is the news.

Actually, if anyone has any ideas that I employ then I will extend that offer of a cost price item to them, too!

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