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Today’s theme is ‘Sleep’

At a recent visit to Taronga Zoo, I was occasionally surprised to find an animal that was awake.


The Chimpanzees were all enjoying a rest, including new mother, Kuma, with her baby, born in October, Fumo.

Not to be outdone:

Small Fox

Fenec Fox,

Snoozetime Turtle



Tasmanian Devil

Asleep or dead

and a Tapir that looks almost dead.

It wasn’t a hot day, but it must have been a busy week.


Meerkats Meerkats!

Very few people would disagree with the idea that Meerkats are adorable. They are efficient little hunters of insects and spiders and very social creatures.

Whenever the Meerkats are digging about in search of food, one always keeps a watch-out for predators, whether snakes or other ground-dwelling threats, or eagles or hawks flying about looking for their meals.



When all the work is over, it’s time to chill out.



I think part of their appeal is the serious expression on their faces. At least, that how it looks to me. They could be laughing for all I know.


Ages of Komodo

A couple of photos showing stages in a Komodo Dragon’s life:

Komodo dragon baby

The young dragon is a lean, quick predator. But as the lizards grow they become the biggest and heaviest in the world, and prey on pigs and deer and are known also to eat people if they get the chance.

Komodo Dragon

They are named after the island of Komodo in Indonesia, though they can swim to other islands in the area.

There has been recent talk that they are also venomous. It was thought that the bacteria in their mouths were what slowed down prey after they had bitten them but new research suggests that there is actually a compound in their saliva which acts as a soporific. While their bite isn’t deadly, they can catch you up while you sleep it off.


All about the shapes

A black and white selection today from some photographs that I took last weekend.


I had walked through the city, behind the Art Gallery and into the Botanic Gardens realm.

Behind the Art Gallery

I’m only showing this selection for now because I’m still working through the collection of the day, but after I put these up a theme wasn’t difficult to discern: shapes.

And specifically, levels of comfort with these shapes. The first two, nice and smooth:


smooth marble

Partnering 3

smooth marble

Partnering 6


And the other two decidedly more spiky:

spiny plants


spiky plants

Old Dangers

I’ve uploaded these to RedBubble and you can see them there by clicking the pictures here.

Funny, as I sit and type I can smell the gardens all over again.



New works – Cat cards!

Ivan has been modelling for me of late – we’ve had him 10 years now and I think he’s getting used to us.

Now, I took these photos on my phone and all the editting was done on the phone, too. So it’s rather good, like a pocket photo lab. Of course it is limited in what it can do, but within those limits there are rather a lot of possibilities.

I was lucky the night that I took these because Ivan is not always compliant, which is a problem in low light.

There are also some new products available on Zazzle on the softly photographed Ivan theme:


New works of the light and dark

The first three photos are taken at the old churchyard at St Stephen’s in Newtown, and the last is part of Sydney Uni where it backs on to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

It’s a matter of life and death – no matter how much death you find, you will also find life – and vice versa.

I find the cemetary at St Stephen’s to be a very peaceful place. It’s an historic site – I’m not sure how long it’s been since the last burial. Perhaps because all of the ‘inhabitants’ have been at rest for such a long time, no one comes in tears there anymore. Instead, with the old stone, the trees, the worn headstones, it’s more like an above ground archeological site. Something about it reminds me of childhood; being enclosed by a wall, yet still with plenty of space, and not knowing much about what I am looking at – that pretty much recreates childhood for me and the childhood state of mind; but in physical space.

The last photo, Outside the Asylum, is the opposite. It depicts the world created by the modern adult, totally mad and unreasonable, where we do not realise that we are headed for a crash, or ignore the fact, that the way we are headed is a dead end; because without change of tack, without a change of heart and mind, this world of ours cannot support us forever. Past civilisations reached their end points and ours will, too, if we don’t adjust ourselves. Given the enormous amount of technology and resources at our disposal, all we are lacking in is the use of one final resource – the human heart.


New works losing myself to find myself

Glimpse 2

Getting lost

This is the way

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