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Ages of Komodo

A couple of photos showing stages in a Komodo Dragon’s life:

Komodo dragon baby

The young dragon is a lean, quick predator. But as the lizards grow they become the biggest and heaviest in the world, and prey on pigs and deer and are known also to eat people if they get the chance.

Komodo Dragon

They are named after the island of Komodo in Indonesia, though they can swim to other islands in the area.

There has been recent talk that they are also venomous. It was thought that the bacteria in their mouths were what slowed down prey after they had bitten them but new research suggests that there is actually a compound in their saliva which acts as a soporific. While their bite isn’t deadly, they can catch you up while you sleep it off.


Return of the dragons

Return of the dragons, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Lovely little skinks enjoying the return of warm weather.
This little creature let me get quite close before scurrying off. I approached it slowly and was blessed with a close up 😀



I went for a little walk around Syndey Park the other day and it is the first time in all the times I’ve been there that I’ve seen any reptiles. These two delightful lizards were there.

The one on the left is a Bluetongue Lizard – you can’t see its tongue here but it is blue. I saw this one first sunning itself on the rocks that lead down from a kind of water overflow creek that at this end was dry. It put up with me a short while before hiding under the rocks.

This led me to think that following the dry creek instead of the footpath may lead to more opportunities, so I did. And it did. Further in amongst the bushes I saw the second lizard, a small dragon of which species I do not know, (anyone know?). I am famililar with them but have never known what they are called. This one, too, put up with me for a while, but when I was still there decided that under the rocks was the best place.

Actually, it isn’t the first time I’ve seen a reptile there, but they are the first wild ones. I once encountered Aphrodite there, a small python, being taken for a stroll by her owner. She was very curious.


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