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Photography In The Pacific Northwest USA Oregon

Coralie, aka MrsRoadrunner, lives in Oregon, loves it, (and from her pictures, I can fully understand why) and is an enthusiastic photographer. She writes in this guest post of the wonders of her state, a plethora of photo opp’s and breathtaking scenery!
You can also find her on her website at and her Facebook Page.


Oregon is a very scenic place to visit.
When I talk about Oregon to others, one thing that always comes out of my mouth is bring a camera!
Whether a writer, painter – whatever creative expression you use, don’t forget it! The arts in Oregon are very much alive and well!

Oregon is a place where the density is 39 acres per person. What does this mean for a state of 98,000 square miles? This means we have space here! A place where one can stretch their legs if they so choose, or go to the city where one can find all kinds of subjects to shoot.

Myself, I am drawn to our wildlife and nature. To the soaring eagles, to the snakes. We have the falling cascades, which one can see as you drive down the roads. These cascades are what some people call waterfalls. Naturally, the Cascade Mountains are filled with them!!

We have the Painted Hills. They look like some giant of a beast came along with his paint brush and just colored the hills for his amusement. We have the red rocks that have creative rock sculptured out of them. We have canyons, canyons that melt into the sky line.

Our Mountains! The Sisters Mountains, three Sisters to be exact! Faith, Hope and Charity have an admirer, Three Fingered Jack. Mt. Washington and Mt. Hood look on with admiration at Mt. Jefferson!

Bachelor Butte (who is now called Mt. Bachelor) and Black Butte are here
as well. Black Butte even has it’s own ranch! So many Buttes!! Ones like
Bachelor Butte (or um Mt. Bachelor) are open for fun in the snow at that time of the year!

Oh boy, then the rivers and lakes! The Columbia river, The Crooked River, The John Day River and many, many more! Is it any wonder that Oregon is such a great place to fish?

Photography in Oregon is like breathing fresh air. They walk hand in hand! And you are never at a loss for a photo-opportunity.


This post brought to you courtesy of IDEAL GUEST.


Heads up for an Ideal Guest

A quick note that this weekend Mrs Roadrunner (aka Coralie) will be posting in Smallfox Photos blog!

This deal was brought to you by IDEAL GUEST.

Stay tuned!


Ideal Guest

A quick note, again.

I have decided to push this site some more. I will take the risk of looking a bit pathetic because actually I think that IDEAL GUEST is a very good idea. Before I set it up I could find nothing like it anywhere and I believe that there is a place, even a need for it.

In fact, I think it is a great idea and I want people who come upon this site to know that it is not dead, just rather quiet in its early stages of gestation.

I am putting out the word in a variety of forums.

Come one, come all!


More guests wanted

IDEAL GUEST is a new site, structured in the manner of a social site, the purpose of which is to give bloggers a place to find other bloggers for the opportunity of guest blogging on each others’ sites.

It exists because when I was looking for a site for guest posting I couldn’t find one. Maybe they exist but they are not so easy to find.

It was started on the 2nd of January this year and so it is not a productive place as yet. Why?

We need more guests!

Whatever the arena of your blogging, your interests or expertise, it does not matter. You can join a pre-existing group and if you don’t find, say, a cooking group, start your own. Then put down your name, your site(s) and whether you want to guest post, are looking for guest posters, or both.

It will take time before the site is productive. The thing to do at the moment is just to put yourself down and in time there will be more people, people whom you can call upon for a guest post or who may call upon you for the same reason.

Think of it as an investment that costs nothing. And nothing is the worst thing that can happen.

You don’t have to do any more for the time being – let it work away in the background and it can return your investment when you are ot expecting it.

As it stands now, it is run as a free site. If it works then it will be upgraded, for then it will be proving its worth.

Click IDEAL GUEST to see this embryonic site and

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