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Coming home

I’ve been out a little with my camera but not really seen or captured anything lately that really gives me satisfaction. I figured that I should just give myself a break and wait for the proper frame of mind to return when it will.

So I was hanging out in the backyard and all these little details were just standing out for me. I had my phone in my pocket, an S3, so not being really serious I started taking a few snaps.

And sometimes I think the camera on my phone takes better pictures than my actual camera.


Pesky creatures though they may be at times, flies can also be very pretty.

I had to chase this one around a little until it settled in one place. Probably talking to its friends now about the bloody paparazzi!

Anyway, I thought I’d try a rehabilitate this little creature in the eyes of the public, so we can all see how beautiful it also is. Plus they serve the necessary purpose of cleaning up our rubbish.


The simple things in life often bring me the greatest pleasure. A few drops of water on a leaf stand for the whole of life.

flies flowers pink green


The fuchsia is here, the fuchsia is now. Now we know, let’s all take some time out to appreciate the present moment.

Of course the phone camera is limited to a fixed wide angle, but sometimes that angle is exactly what I want.

And sometimes, it is the small and close that I really want, not the large and impressive. Small pictures with a small camera of a small place.


A couple of new works

Well, one (the bromeliad) is actually an older photo that I’d forgotten about. I think it is in the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney).

The Swamp Hen below was a photograph that I took last weekend down at Sydney Park. It was an overcast day, rain came by a little later and I got a bit wet. All part of the experience.

That’s the thing with photography: the experience of going out and taking the photos is of equal importance to the actual photos themselves. Even if I do not get many – or any – usable photographs, the experience of being where I am, and with a camera, often makes up for it. The camera makes me look at my surroundings more closely. Sometimes I wish I could photograph the smells of the earth and the plants. Of course, it is even better if I get good shots. Sometimes the light just doesn’t allow for it, because even a dark shot needs good lighting.


New works in a floral vein

Two of water plants, a lotus and a lily respectively, and two of dandelions having set seed.

(Click the image to see larger.)

The stuctures, the colours, and the life cycles of plants are endlessly fascinating. And so is our interaction with them: the mythic value of the lotus and water lily as being objects of beauty emerging out of the darkness of mud; to the simple joy of a child blowing the parachuting seeds from a dandelion head and watching them drift off.

I’ve taken many photos of plants and flowers and although the majority don’t work out how I would like them too (it’s not as simple as you might think) there is pleasure enough just in being with them and observing them closely, smelling the soil and the frangrances, being taken in by the shapes and colours.


Beach Irises

Beach Irises, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

These flowers seemed so out of place up on the cliff tops at Austinmer, but so beautiful aswell. The white blurs are butterflies – there were hundreds! I’ve never seen so many at one time.


Very Bright

Very Bright, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

I don’t know what kind of flower this is but WOW!! Found this in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. I should have looked for a name-plate.


Sunflower Sutra

Sunflower Sutra

New addition on my RedBubble portfolio. It is named after the Allan Ginsberg poem if the same name (see this on the same page down the right hand side).
I found that the picture was coming up with a pleasant grittiness but to get it just right took a while. I ended up texturing it with a couple of other pics, one of a rock face (which I desaturated so that the colour would not interfere) and one of the tiles on the floor of my shower.

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