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New Gateways Features

I’ve been a slack-arsed host of GATEWAYS of late.

But here are some new features from the group:

Click on any of the pictures to see larger.

Thanks to all the artists who contribute to this group!


Featured Photo – Dashing Young Dasher

Today’s featured photo is Dashing Young Dasher by Briar Richard.

Anyone who has tried to photograph dragonflies knows how frequently impossible it is with their darting and dashing about. Finding one in a rare moment of rest is a delight, enabling you to catch their brilliant colours and fine architecture. So congratulations to Briar on this fine photo!


Featured Photo – Meeting the Elders

Beyond straight photography lies the realm of the imaginery photograph. Les Hooton has produced this wonderful figure of the imagination, Meeting the Elders. Each individual image was itself taken by Les; and he has combined them into one fantastical picture of a world that I, for one, would love to travel to. And as I look at this image, I feel like I could just step into the scene described.

It looks like a scene from HP Lovecraft, strange beings up to no earthly purpose.

You can see more of Les’s work on RedBubble.


Featured Photo – Dreaming by Dinesh Hedge

This featured photograph is Dreaming by Dinesh Hedge.

Dinesh has a good friend who like to stand in waterfalls so he was able to get this wonderful photo. The low light required a long exposure which only serves to give the that dreamlike, sharp-misty quality. The angle of the light being predominantly from above creates strong constrasts which adds to that.

Beautiful work! To see more of Dinesh’s work, click HERE.

You can also see Dinesh’s blog HERE. Well worth it, take a look!


Featured photo – The Path to Enlightenment

Featured today here on Smallfox Photos is a wonderful photo by Cathy WalkerThe Path to Enlightenment.

There is such a beautiful antique feel to this photo, almost seeming enamelled so smooth is the finish, a soft sensual spirit, all embracing and rejecting nothing. And of course you can see more of Cathy’s work on RedBubble.

“…each one of us is a union of all universal energy.”


Featured photo – Baby Skunk Trio

The new featured photo is one of the cutest you’re likely to see, Baby Skunk Trio by Bill McMullen.

As he tells it, they came upon these little creatures by accident and he had just enough time to get this shot before they shot off, themselves.

You can see more of Bill’s wildlife and other photography HERE on his RedBubble profile. There are some excellent owl shots at the front of his portfolio right now, too.


Featured Photo – Nuptials of Zen

Today’s featured photo: Nuptials of Zen, is by Jodi Abraxas.

It is just one of many wonderful and unique works by this talented artist and you can view her portfolio on RedBubble.

I am very happy to be featuring this work today, because I feel that it has an added dimension not often seen, however often attempted; that being the real introduction of a spiritual lesson into the work. All I can say is look at the work and keep the notion of motion in mind.

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