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A little industrial ruination


Living in Australia, we don’t exactly have much in the way of ruins. But there are the industrial ruins, like the following ones of the Old Coogee Powerstation in Western Australia.

Old Coogee Power Station industrial ruin

Old Coogee Powerstation industrial ruin

Old Coogee Powerstation industrial ruin

Graffiti Western Australia

graffiti color Western Australia

old Coogee power station

Of course, there is plenty of graffiti in a place like this, as you have already seen.

graffiti tags

graffiti heart death

And here are some older photos from the old carriage works next to Newtown Train Station. A veritable forest was growing inside, though I think that now they are doing the place up. I was a bit nervous walking around inside, with all the broken windows on the ground and the intact ones rattling in the wind above me.

internal forest industrial ruin

industrial ruins Newtown

industrial ruins Newtown carriage works

corrugated iron ruined


New Architectural Posts

A couple of new shots, the first is the Old Power Station in Coogee, Western Australia, haunt now of graffiti artists and dabblers.

coogee power station industrial ruins

Below: the Centrepoint Tower in Sydney, New South Wales, a great orienting point whenever you are lost in the general inner-city area since it towers above everything else.

Centrepoint Tower Sydney


Brazilian Coogee

It’s taken me a while to get this post up, but here it is.

About three weekends ago we were in Coogee taking a walk along the cliffs. On my way back down, we could hear the drumming coming from the back of the beach, on the grassy area. People were playing soccer and having picnics and the like but by far the main attraction was a Brazilian drumming group called, I think, Brazilian Rhythm.

Brazilian Rhythm 1

They consisted of a number of men and one woman and they certainly got some people in the crowd dancing. They played tightly and were having a great time.

Brazilian Rhythm 2

Below: see the Brazilian version of Shakin’ your booty.

Brazilian Rhythm 3

You can hear and see on the video below:


A little time in Coogee

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is quite a nice place – haven’t really been there much as I’m not a beach person, myself.

So I climbed up onto the cliffs (well, walked up the footpath to them) where there was a wonderful sense of separateness from the bustle below.

The above picture is Gordon’s Bay, just around the corner. There is a fishing club there, this next photo from 2005.

Gordon's Bay

The sandstone here forms beautiful patterns in rich, earthy colours.

And at times, there are mysterious goings on, such as these four men in very swanky suits standing about on the cliff.

What are they doing there?

Maybe it was a commercial or fashion shoot, maybe a wedding – I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.

Out to see, a yacht sailed, looking like the living expression of FREEDOM to me.


And using my handheld stills camera, I made a bit of a video, just to give an idea of what it was like to be walking around up there. It’s nothing snazzy, but quite peaceful on the windy clifftops.

However, I did eventually come down – to Brazilian Drummers! See the next post, soon 🙂

OH! I forgot to add a couple of night shots, so here they are:

Coogee promenade at night

Coogee Beach at night

I was just experimenting with the new camera. I didn’t have my tripod on me so I had to rest it on the wall.

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