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Up in the air

I’ve just uploaded a couple of photos to my site without even being conscious of their similarities – how dense am I??

The first one is taken from the ground, a simple shot into the sun with a power pole and lines in between.

"sun" "power" "lines" "clouds"

The second was taken on board a plane on the day of the great Sydney Dust Storm, which I only learned about after landing in Perth and seeing the news. It certainly explained what was a perplexing sight for me, sitting at the airport and wondering why there was an orange mist as the sun was rising.

"dust storms" "airplanes"

These are both older photos, yet I felt they deserved inclusion on the site as I rather like them.


A short Blue Mountains trip

country roadMy wife and were in the Blue Mountains, briefly. This is just west of Sydney, two hours by train from Central Station. I didn’t get much opportunity for photography but I did come back with some photos.

For the most part, whilst we were there it was cloudy. And since we were higher up, we were in those clouds. Out in the bush, it is like being in another world.misty roadlichen

Sheltered walk

So we needed umbrellas on our bush walk. Still, we weren’t the only ones.

walking mountain roads

I don’t know what makes the marks on the tree below. It looks to me like a child pretending to write.

It’s been a cool summer in Sydney and recently in New South Wales and Victoria we had a lot of flooding. The river in the picture below was once a creek.


To get more of an idea, see the short video:

fork in the road



Incoming, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

And come it did, and wet I did get.

Looking out over Sydney University at the inevitable.

It’s the first time I’ve been caught in the rain in such a long time and it was wonderful! The thunder and the downpour were very invigorating – they always buck me up 😀


Might be some rain, soon.



Majestic Clouds

Majestic Clouds, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

The clouds this day were magnificent. Living in a somewhat built-up area, however, means that there are not a lot of vistas from which to photograph these majestic sky-lords

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