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Black Birds

These two first pictures are of a Koel, a cuckoo native to Australia and South East Asia. I’ve have been trying to get a picture for ages and this one landed over the fence in my backyard, conveniently, and kept still for long enough for me to take a couple of snaps.

This one, being black, is a male.

Other birds are always chasing them off, which puzzles me. If the other birds know what the cuckoos do, why do they allow it when it happens? Is there some loophole in the laws of nature that says; when a cuckoo lays its egg, you must care for the hatchling?

This last pic is of course a Raven, specifically the native Australian kind with the long, drawling call.

It seems like a young bird, still learning the ways of the Raven. Just the impression that I get. I’ve long felt them to be mysterious and magickal, as though in some secret part of themselves, they are responsible for the workings of the planet.

This shot was taken in Centennial Park in Sydney.


The Escape all 3

The Escape all 3, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

One swan chases another at Centennial Park – I suppose it had its reasons. Maybe it wanted to mate – there are certainly plenty of cygnets to suggest the possibility.

I accidentally deleted this post so here it is again.


Calendars for the new year

Okay, so with the new year knocking on the door, that of course can only mean one thing: CALENDARS!

And with that in mind, here are TWO NEW CALENDARS from myself at Smallfox Photos:

Buildings and Architecture

Buildings and Architecture is a pretty straightforward name. This includes some of my first ever night photography. There is a wide variety of photos here, differing styles taken over the year, reflections in glass photos, stone cathedrals photos, by the river, by the train tracks…

Parks and Beyond

Parks and Beyond. This is another favourite subject of mine – the Natural World. So, birds, reptiles, plants, scenery with and without people. I live in the heart of a large city, where you get your nature wherever you can find it. And one of the things that surprised me when I first moved to Sydney was just how much wildlife there was here!

In fact, I’ve some old photos from around ’92/’93 which show me with possums in the bedsit where I first live in Kings Cross. I must try and find them to show here, they were beautiful animals to have around.

But that’s off the topic – CALENDARS – OUT NOW!

And MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year everyone!!


Centennial Park

Yesterday, I decided to walk from my place in Newtown to Centennial Park. It’s just past Moore Park, and I’ve walked there before, so I didn’t think that I would be that long.

Oops! Well, it was a lovely day. They had forecast rain and true to form it hadn’t arrived and wouldn’t until after nightfall. There were some nice clouds about but nothing truly threatening.

I had been to Centennial Park once before about 15 years ago. This time I took a camera. I knew then it was quite large but did not know how large. I had intended to exit on South Dowling St in Surry Hills and walk amongst the old cottages there, taking some more photos. However, I got lost. (Mind you, it was a lovely place to be lost in.) I came out in Woollahra and this necessitated a long walk just to find public transport. Not knowing the area, I headed towards Kings Cross. Four hours plus of walking was getting a bit tiring, especially on hard surfaces with inadequate footwear. In the end I just decided to walk back home, since once I got to a main street and waited for a bus or train, and then had to change, it would have been nearly as long. And I didn’t feel like waiting.

But anyway, Centennial Park – a lovely place to have in a city!

It is large and spacious and full of bird life!

The area is called The Duck Pond, but it could just as easily be called Swan Lake. The native Black Swans abound there with young ranging in age from babies to near-mature.

The sound of squabbling bats drew me in the direction of a spot called Lachlan Swamp. They are very cute, I think.

As far as swamps go, it is of course quite small. It finds it source in a spring, where the rust-coloured water seeps from the ground. It is that colour owing to the iron sulfides in the ground, apparently. Well, it is certainly a striking colour!

But it was such an unexpected surprise and very beautiful in there – I didn’t want to leave!

Mind you, when I got home after six hours walking on foot, with a good time being lost in Woollahra and beyond, home was most welcome. The first thing I did, sit down. And decide that next time I would wear thick socks.

It’s always a pleasure to take my camera to somewhere it hasn’t been before. Centennial Park is so close and yet I had neglected to go there. Now that I know what awaits me, I am sure that I will be visiting again. But for now, I have plenty of photos to be working on and uploading and shall be posting more here, too. The ones above are all on RedBubble save the large cygnet and the fruit bats, which are free photos on Flickr.

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