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A couple of RB features.

Well I’ve not been photographing much for a while. I put up some older pics on Red Bubble though, and these two were featured:

shadows light Sydney


Late Afternoon Photography


leaves pine cones




I also added these two other pics:

shiny buildings




rainy bridge road




Actually went out last weekend taking a few photos not too far away in Sydney City. So I will be putting up what I like at a hopefully not too later date.


Sydney Observatory

Sydney Observatory, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

I once looked at the moon through this telescope, the original Sydney Observatory. It was a cloudy night, but then the clouds parted and we could see the craters and other features. It is best viewed when half full, when the shadows can highlight the features.


Twin towers of empire

Twin towers of empire, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Whatever you think of empires or the British Empire, they certainly go to interesting places.
This is in Sydney, Australia.
Empires do appallingly exploitative things, yet they also bring the world closer together at the same time and allow for the exchange of thoughts, ideas, cultures.


A little industrial ruination


Living in Australia, we don’t exactly have much in the way of ruins. But there are the industrial ruins, like the following ones of the Old Coogee Powerstation in Western Australia.

Old Coogee Power Station industrial ruin

Old Coogee Powerstation industrial ruin

Old Coogee Powerstation industrial ruin

Graffiti Western Australia

graffiti color Western Australia

old Coogee power station

Of course, there is plenty of graffiti in a place like this, as you have already seen.

graffiti tags

graffiti heart death

And here are some older photos from the old carriage works next to Newtown Train Station. A veritable forest was growing inside, though I think that now they are doing the place up. I was a bit nervous walking around inside, with all the broken windows on the ground and the intact ones rattling in the wind above me.

internal forest industrial ruin

industrial ruins Newtown

industrial ruins Newtown carriage works

corrugated iron ruined


New uploads

These aren’t new photos exactly, but they’re new to the new site. They are under the category of Architecture and Buildings.

This first one, A little colour, is a shed at the old Fremantle Docks in Western Australia. I found it difficult to get good photos of this place – I could never seem to get the right angle, the one that combined all the elements I wanted.

colorful sheds

This is Clean Lines, a building in Sydney (New South Wales) which wishes to remain anonymous. Well, that is, I don’t know what this building is; but I liked the contrast between the blue of the windows and the white-ish building itself.

blue white buildings windows

Here’s another photo of the Grace Building in Sydney, a Deco structure with charm. There aren’t to many buildings of this era around, at least not ones that look as good as this.

grace building sydney deco

The Sydney War Memorial: this is in Hyde Park, in the section closer to the Museum. I’m never sure what to think of memorials and the wars that they commemorate. People dying for the country…okay, if it’s someone like Hitler then war it must be. But I rather think that the majority of wars are for somebody’s greed these days.

Sydney war memorial

Finally, Wall of Windows. It’s just a block of flats in North Sydney, but they have a monument’s imposing presence. Such an ordinary thing that looks so extraordinary.

building apartments north sydney


New Architectural Posts

A couple of new shots, the first is the Old Power Station in Coogee, Western Australia, haunt now of graffiti artists and dabblers.

coogee power station industrial ruins

Below: the Centrepoint Tower in Sydney, New South Wales, a great orienting point whenever you are lost in the general inner-city area since it towers above everything else.

Centrepoint Tower Sydney


Sydney University Building with Palm

As the title says… .
There are some lovely old buildings at Sydney Uni. I sometimes wonder how people aren’t too distracted by these to be able to study. The Uni that I went to was more modern and made largely of poured concrete.

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