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All about the shapes

A black and white selection today from some photographs that I took last weekend.


I had walked through the city, behind the Art Gallery and into the Botanic Gardens realm.

Behind the Art Gallery

I’m only showing this selection for now because I’m still working through the collection of the day, but after I put these up a theme wasn’t difficult to discern: shapes.

And specifically, levels of comfort with these shapes. The first two, nice and smooth:


smooth marble

Partnering 3

smooth marble

Partnering 6


And the other two decidedly more spiky:

spiny plants


spiky plants

Old Dangers

I’ve uploaded these to RedBubble and you can see them there by clicking the pictures here.

Funny, as I sit and type I can smell the gardens all over again.



2013 here we come!

And every new year needs a new calendar.

Assuming the world doesn’t end, this will serve you for another year.

calendars, 2013

There are photos from around Sydney, the south coast, the Blue Mountains, and Western Australia. In my mind, their sequence creates the story of a year. Perhaps they create your unique story, too.


Long, black and wet

I don’t normally do car photos, not being a car person myself. But when I came across our neighbour’s Chrysler Torque Flite decorated with rain drops, it looked too good to pass up.

"Torque Flite", Chrysler,

It seemed so atmospheric to me, conjuring up notions of an all-night drive to a mysterious destination. It looks even better big – click on the picture.


New Black and White photos on SFP

I’ve added a couple of new Black and White shots to the website.
I’ve been rather slack of late, I will admit it, though I’ve had reasons to be distracted.
Still, here’s a couple:

fish fountain black and white

Herald of the Apocolypse

Well, it seemed like a good title, and it is nearly the end of the world isn’t it 😀 But I think that the title suits this fishy fountain shot, somehow.

bark trees cracks black and white

Bark Textures

I don’t think I need to explain this title. The patterns form a mesmerizing dreamscape – I can follow those lines for ages!


The big hill

The big hill, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Sydney Park, St Peters. This hill is good for deep breathing as you climb. Over the other side, I would later this day tear a hamstring as I chased someone’s runaway kite down a grassy slope and slip.



I took this photo on my last visit to Perth, Western Australia. My dad walks his dog, Boris, around these parts. I am not good with heights (or depths, more correctly) and crossing this bridge gives me the willies, especially with the movement beneath of all the traffic.

This passes over Stock Rd in Coolbellup, into the bush where Boris likes to run around. It was on the way back in the morning that I noticed the pattern from the sunlight. With the main light from the sun ahead, it also gains a particular softness.

It was difficult for me to stand still to take the photo but here it is.

footbridges bridges "black and white" monochrome stripes patterns

This is now available on the SMALLFOX PHOTOGRAPHY website. Click on the image to see it larger.


More new posts on RedBubble

Some more random posts new to RedBubble. Depending on the response, I will add them to the website (or not).
I have quite the backlog now but I am uncertain as to quality – sometimes it takes not looking at them for a while to realise if they’re any good or not.

Also, I have wanted to do some specific Perth posts, but for the aforementioned problem of not knowing what is good enough to show I might already have done so.

Anyway, here are some new’uns 😀

coogee power station
New Holland Honeyeater birdssydney harbour bridge

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