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New Gateways Features

I’ve been a slack-arsed host of GATEWAYS of late.

But here are some new features from the group:

Click on any of the pictures to see larger.

Thanks to all the artists who contribute to this group!


2013 here we come!

And every new year needs a new calendar.

Assuming the world doesn’t end, this will serve you for another year.

calendars, 2013

There are photos from around Sydney, the south coast, the Blue Mountains, and Western Australia. In my mind, their sequence creates the story of a year. Perhaps they create your unique story, too.


Instacanvas for Smallfox Photography

The Gallery is LIVE on Instacanvas!

Thank you to everyone who requested it’s opening 😀

So here’s an idea:

photos smallfox Instacanvas

Sydney University stripes grass

Blue sky trees window stains

Sydney Park silhouette man towers brickworks

Newtown morning moon St Stephens

But wait, there’s more! And there will be more to come.


I’ve reserved a url with Instacanvas!


I have an account on Instagram and have some quite natty little photos on there, if I do say so myself.

If you click on one of these photos it will take you to a page to request my gallery open sooner, thus enabling me to provide these as prints! They are printed on museum-quality paper 😀

Help the starving artist! Click and make a request 😀

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