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I have just created my first lens – an Introductory – on Squidoo.

Rather a fun site and process, this is just a try out lens (as they call their pages) and you can have a look:

Introducing Pickled_cabbage.

Now you may be wondering (or not) Why Pickled_cabbabe? It is the name of a twitter alter-ego of mine, started recently, for miscellaneous purposes.

Squidoo is a wonderful site, from what I’ve experienced so far. I’d heard of it before but only just started researching it. There assistance is first class and there is also earning potential. If you haven’t seen it then click this and take a look.


Ideal Guest

A quick note, again.

I have decided to push this site some more. I will take the risk of looking a bit pathetic because actually I think that IDEAL GUEST is a very good idea. Before I set it up I could find nothing like it anywhere and I believe that there is a place, even a need for it.

In fact, I think it is a great idea and I want people who come upon this site to know that it is not dead, just rather quiet in its early stages of gestation.

I am putting out the word in a variety of forums.

Come one, come all!


SFP Facebook App

For members of the Smallfox Photography website there is the Facebook Application which allows you to login simply using one click. Also, by liking the app, you can recieve an additional source of information.

Photos are also posted, and this will include featured photos from the Smallfox Photography members’ galleries.

Very well then.


More guests wanted

IDEAL GUEST is a new site, structured in the manner of a social site, the purpose of which is to give bloggers a place to find other bloggers for the opportunity of guest blogging on each others’ sites.

It exists because when I was looking for a site for guest posting I couldn’t find one. Maybe they exist but they are not so easy to find.

It was started on the 2nd of January this year and so it is not a productive place as yet. Why?

We need more guests!

Whatever the arena of your blogging, your interests or expertise, it does not matter. You can join a pre-existing group and if you don’t find, say, a cooking group, start your own. Then put down your name, your site(s) and whether you want to guest post, are looking for guest posters, or both.

It will take time before the site is productive. The thing to do at the moment is just to put yourself down and in time there will be more people, people whom you can call upon for a guest post or who may call upon you for the same reason.

Think of it as an investment that costs nothing. And nothing is the worst thing that can happen.

You don’t have to do any more for the time being – let it work away in the background and it can return your investment when you are ot expecting it.

As it stands now, it is run as a free site. If it works then it will be upgraded, for then it will be proving its worth.

Click IDEAL GUEST to see this embryonic site and


Smallfox Photography on FaceBook

Smallfox Photography has a FaceBook page and there is an app on there for logging into the website directly from FaceBook. Click the pic to go there.

And while I am about it, I should mention: I am always looking for more members. So here’s the promotional deal: any member who brings in another two members and get any item you like at cost. This amounts to a 30 to 50 % discount.

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