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2013 here we come!

And every new year needs a new calendar.

Assuming the world doesn’t end, this will serve you for another year.

calendars, 2013

There are photos from around Sydney, the south coast, the Blue Mountains, and Western Australia. In my mind, their sequence creates the story of a year. Perhaps they create your unique story, too.


Spider T-shirt

spiders t-shirts black

Here is one of my photos as a t-shirt.

I was walking down Wilson St, headed back towards Newtown from the city. Outside one of the terraced houses, a woman stood smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone. As I approached to pass, she suddenly looked at me with horror, making me wonder what was happening – maybe someone with an axe coming up behind me. I’d forgotten that I was wearing this t-shirt – she had thought it was real! She then explained this to her friend on the phone.

Brilliant! I got the reaction I was after 🙂

So, it’s available as a t-shirt or hoodie, kidswear, or sticker.


Calendars for the new year

Okay, so with the new year knocking on the door, that of course can only mean one thing: CALENDARS!

And with that in mind, here are TWO NEW CALENDARS from myself at Smallfox Photos:

Buildings and Architecture

Buildings and Architecture is a pretty straightforward name. This includes some of my first ever night photography. There is a wide variety of photos here, differing styles taken over the year, reflections in glass photos, stone cathedrals photos, by the river, by the train tracks…

Parks and Beyond

Parks and Beyond. This is another favourite subject of mine – the Natural World. So, birds, reptiles, plants, scenery with and without people. I live in the heart of a large city, where you get your nature wherever you can find it. And one of the things that surprised me when I first moved to Sydney was just how much wildlife there was here!

In fact, I’ve some old photos from around ’92/’93 which show me with possums in the bedsit where I first live in Kings Cross. I must try and find them to show here, they were beautiful animals to have around.

But that’s off the topic – CALENDARS – OUT NOW!

And MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year everyone!!


New Calendar for 2011

This year seems to have gone by at three times the speed of any previous year!

But the good news is that that means that a new calendar from Smallfox Photography is now available. It is simply called:

The Best of 2010

This calendar is available through RedBubble. Have a look through, especially while the bulk discounts still apply.

You can also check out the whole collection of calendars.


A Meditation – A Smallfox Book

This is a small book I made a little while back – I was testing out the Blurb site and wanted to create something small and beautiful and truthful and here is a preview:

Click on the Full Screen icon to get a closer look and hit escto get out.



Jaws comes in a variety of forms – click the pic to see more!


Smallfox Range


To give you an idea of the range of items that can be found at Smallfox Photography, I have made this blog presentation.

Cards, Postcards and Prints





There are more but I am running out of room for a reasonably sized blog entry.
Plus, anything that you don’t see but would like to can be custom designed, so go ahead and ask.

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