Bubble some more, and then some more.

I’ll get a little topical with this first photo:

sustainable energy wind generator

Australia has done little in comparison to other countries, particularly in Europe, for the development of sustainable energy sources. With so much sun and space we could easily have solar power enough to supply at least half our energy needs. If Germany, a less sunny place than Australia, can get over 20% of its energy from solar, then so should we.

So it was a nice surprise to see this little wind generator (albeit idle due to a lack of wind) on the foreshore of Harold Park in Glebe. With a lot of coastline and flat land, we have enough wind (usually) to add a lot more power to our supply.

Now to a photo from the days when two power points in one room was excessive:

retro furniture typewriters office

I do have, as I have recently formulated it, an historical-nostalgic streak. I remember the days when computers had 1K of memory, CDs were not the go, well before the internet and mobiles. And maybe I’m being a bit old about all this, but the simplicity of life has been lost with all of the technology. I use the net a lot so I am not a Luddite, but it takes time away from breathing sometimes. An office like this seems kind of peaceful, where business was done and then that was it. Now we have instant communication and things are never really done and dusted. Or so it seems to me.

Moreton Bay Fig Trees

These are roots from a Moreton Bay Fig Tree – I just love them, that’s all. Well, nearly all. I love trees, nature, plants and animals and fungi and the sky and earth and sea, mountains and forests…

I’ve just noticed as I’ve previewed this post that the images go from high-tech to low-tech to nature, from sky to human to earth. Kind of a reminder of where we can aspire to and where we come from – with us in the middle.


3 Responses to “Bubble some more, and then some more.”

  1. 21 May 2012 at 3:00 am

    Now, this was an interesting read Paul. They are thinking of putting up a wind farm outside Port Elizabeth, where i live, but the costs to do that are astronomical. Talk of nostalgia, I got that feeling when you mentioned 1K computers. Thats exactly where I started. A sinclair ZA81 micro computer. Haha, those were the days. Great Blog Mate.

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