Currawongs are a member of the crow family native to Eastern Australia. They are intelligent birds, and I even think they have a sense of humour. (I’ve watched them stir up Magpies and then leave them to argue amongst themselves while they watched.)


The Beak



The first photo is in Sydney Park, St Peters, where there were a number of the birds calling out, carrying on and generally, I guess, having a good time.

The second photo is on the wall outside our old place, looking at me through the sliding door. I would occasionally feed it.

The one below is of a nest that used to be outside my workplace. They were hard to photograph because they were quite distant and the tree was moving around a lot in the wind.


Feeding Time

There was a documentary on many years ago called Wolves of the Sky, which is how they described them since they hunt together and show high intelligence. Of course, like all hunters, they will scavenge and accept food from people, if it’s available.

Put down the camera and nobody gets hurt


Their direct gaze from their black faces with golden eyes is quite powerful. There is no doubt that it is you that they are looking at and they can be quite communicative, especially when they want your food. Or perhaps they are just wondering why I am looking at them. And then on one occasion, I was walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney when one flew in from behind me and flicked me with its wing tips. I’ve no doubt that it was intentional because there was plenty of room beside and above me – it was just a bit of fun.

Below is a video from Sydney Park on a quite hot day. The Currawongs were calling in the small gully above the wetlands area so I decided to go a check them out. They were quite tolerant of my being there – well, as I’ve said, they are quite intelligent. They know that I am no threat and that they can easily fly out of harms way if I become difficult.

Currawong A4

Above – Bath Time.


Hey Bird

Also an ideal subject in this case for a bit of playing around with on the computer – quite like this effect.


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