The White-Faced Heron

The White-Faced Heron is a native Australian species. Normally quite skittish, this one was too preoccupied, perhaps, to worry to much about me. These shots and the video below were taken in Sydney Park, St Peters, New South Wales, Australia.

The Watchful Eye

I spend a fair bit of time down at Sydney Park, due to it’s locality, its convenience, and of course its wildlife. In fact, it had become rather routine and starting to get a little dull, taking the same photos over again.

So this day…well, nothing out of the ordinary was happening. But then I spot a heron, gliding lazily into the rocky stream bed. I wondered what it could be up to, since I normally see them by the water when they’re here. I always assumed that they would be looking there for fish and frogs. So I stepped into the trees and saw it, grubbing about the rocks of the dried out stream.

(The stream is from storm water, so it is frequently dry, maybe with puddles.)

I soon found out what it was after – lunch!

Heron 1 Got it

These sweet little skinks, look closely and you can see it. Like this one from my backyard, resting on my hand.

skink 3

Obviously, the heron finds them sweet, too.

I followed the heron around for around half an hour, the longer I spent with it the more it became accustomed to my presence, until in the end I was about 2 metres/6 feet from it. I followed it around the rocks and it eventually led me down to the pond’s edge. It jumped the fence to continue its foraging and I followed on.

Heron 8

There, it waded along the water’s edge and into the plants, looking for more lizards.

Then a dog came running down the hill to say hello to me and the heron took flight. Which was probably just as well, held in its thrall, as I was.

In between taking still shots, I also recorded some video action. It’s not a spectacular, rather though it gives a good feeling of how it felt to be walking around with this lovely bird.

2 Responses to “The White-Faced Heron”

  1. 24 November 2011 at 8:52 pm

    One of the greatest things about living in the digital age for me is being able to view beautiful photography from across the world; lovely photography. My favourite one is the one where you have a Lizard on your finger

    • 25 November 2011 at 8:08 am

      I agree. We can see a lot more of the world than we ever used to, though I fear it also makes the world a little to similar, too, so that the differences we see now start to disappear.
      Thank you, and that lizard was pretty special, since they normally run as soon as they see anyone.

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