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The constant battle

The constant battle, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

This statue seems to be saying “Will no-one ever do anything about these accursed birds?”


A couple of new works

Well, one (the bromeliad) is actually an older photo that I’d forgotten about. I think it is in the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney).

The Swamp Hen below was a photograph that I took last weekend down at Sydney Park. It was an overcast day, rain came by a little later and I got a bit wet. All part of the experience.

That’s the thing with photography: the experience of going out and taking the photos is of equal importance to the actual photos themselves. Even if I do not get many – or any – usable photographs, the experience of being where I am, and with a camera, often makes up for it. The camera makes me look at my surroundings more closely. Sometimes I wish I could photograph the smells of the earth and the plants. Of course, it is even better if I get good shots. Sometimes the light just doesn’t allow for it, because even a dark shot needs good lighting.


Yes I can see you too

Yes I can see you too, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Ivan likes to hang out on top of the shed over the back fence. Since they’ve cut the vines away, he’s not as invisible as he used to be.


St Stephen’s


In Newtown, I just took this snap on my phone on the way home from work on Friday.


Red Whiskered Bul Bul in vines

Red Whiskered Bul Bul in vines, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

A Red Whiskered Bul Bul sitting quietly nestled amongst dead vines.

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