New works in a floral vein

Two of water plants, a lotus and a lily respectively, and two of dandelions having set seed.

(Click the image to see larger.)

The stuctures, the colours, and the life cycles of plants are endlessly fascinating. And so is our interaction with them: the mythic value of the lotus and water lily as being objects of beauty emerging out of the darkness of mud; to the simple joy of a child blowing the parachuting seeds from a dandelion head and watching them drift off.

I’ve taken many photos of plants and flowers and although the majority don’t work out how I would like them too (it’s not as simple as you might think) there is pleasure enough just in being with them and observing them closely, smelling the soil and the frangrances, being taken in by the shapes and colours.

2 Responses to “New works in a floral vein”

  1. 13 June 2011 at 6:01 am

    Oh, what a beautiful photo of the dandelion! Was this taken at night? And if so, what sort of illumination?

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