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New works losing myself to find myself

Glimpse 2

Getting lost

This is the way


Smallfox on the run!

Just a quick note which is to say, the Smallfox Photography website now has a mobile app so that you can, should you desire, look it up on your mobile.

Type the site address – – into your mobile and off you go.


Table for two

Table for two, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Taken at Austinmer on Australia Day. This is their version of a high-rise restaurant, I guess.

Rainbow Lorikeets.

I was on a hill which the plant grew beside so was able to get a nice angle on them. They were really more interested in food than posing, though.


Featured Photo – Dreaming by Dinesh Hedge

This featured photograph is Dreaming by Dinesh Hedge.

Dinesh has a good friend who like to stand in waterfalls so he was able to get this wonderful photo. The low light required a long exposure which only serves to give the that dreamlike, sharp-misty quality. The angle of the light being predominantly from above creates strong constrasts which adds to that.

Beautiful work! To see more of Dinesh’s work, click HERE.

You can also see Dinesh’s blog HERE. Well worth it, take a look!


New works on a transitionary theme

These new works are based on the theme of a transionary state, one between worlds before the step over from the old state to a new state of being.

There is a place between the old life and a new life, like the pause between breaths, from which the change and the world emerge. It is at this still (or not so still) point, full of potential, that creation emerges.

It is the source of the world, some might say because of this more real than this physical world, but it is the truth and what we might call our true self.

From an overview, to a stepping through, to a micro-view, these photos are intended to capture a sense of that state.

I hope you find that they do.


SFP Facebook App

For members of the Smallfox Photography website there is the Facebook Application which allows you to login simply using one click. Also, by liking the app, you can recieve an additional source of information.

Photos are also posted, and this will include featured photos from the Smallfox Photography members’ galleries.

Very well then.


Member Photos featuring on Smallfox Photography

The Smallfox Photography website now has the facility for members to upload their photographs on the new Members’ Photos page.

Each month (and possibly more frequently, if enough photos are uploaded) a photo will be featured and promoted on the site, here on the blog, through Facebook and Twitter, etc.

If you are not a member, now’s the time to join!

As I write this, I have uploaded two photos of my own as a test. Well it works – so upload some of your own for free publicity!

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