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My Backyard Supplement

A supplementary blog to Smallfox Photography – I’ve been getting a lot of action in my backyard lately. Photographic action, I mean. And I felt that the main blog was getting too much of this so I’ve decided to add a supplementary blog: My Backyard.

This way I am able to keep posting these photos which, although I don’t feel they belong on the main photographic arts pages, still deserve a place of their own. They are chiefly of birds, some insects and a mysterious fungus so far. However, I can be more free in posting here, not taking up space on Smallfox Photography.

A link has been placed in the sidebar on the right. The page itself is a lovely green with a transparent roll.

See here!


Featured Photo – Walk through time

Walk through time by Ric Alexander is an excellent example of the use of textures in photography.

Walk through time


Textures can completely alter the feeling of a photo, give it a new depth and bring out a different meaning than was otherwise evident. To get a good look, click on the pic and it will take you to the photo’s page.

To see more of Ric’s RedBubble portfolio – well you know, click that link.

To see all the featured works, CLICK HERE.



The Smallfox brand will undergo an overhaul (under/over?) and while I am not entirely sure of what that will entail – not fully yet – the recent changes to this blog and PhotoArts indicate the direction.

I shall be changing the logo and banners and the website will also be cleaned up and simplified. I am currently working out how that shall be achieved and hope to have it completed by the end of the year.

(I shall also take this opportunity to point out that said website above has an ongoing promotion: if you join and get two other people to join then you can get any item you wish at cost price, a saving of up to 50%.)

So that is the news.

Actually, if anyone has any ideas that I employ then I will extend that offer of a cost price item to them, too!


Bul Bul

Bul Bul, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

I believe that these birds are introduced and originated in India. They’re quite lovely but can they fight! Still, they are very sweet with a lovely chirrup!


Let it rain!

Let it rain!, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, inside the tropical house. This is as the artificial rain falls from sprinklers in the roof-struts. It creates a beautiful mist with the sunlight shining through it.


Miniature landscape with Sundews

Miniature landscape with Sundews, originally uploaded by smallfox2.

Carnivorous plants are amongst my favourite things on the earth. The sundews’ sticky leaves catch insects and then curl around them and digest them. This is a tiny little moss-type garden – really I don’t know the names of these tiny plants but this shot is of less than a square metre. Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, inside the tropical house.


Out and about with Nature

Yesterday I went to the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Sydney. When I used to live in King’s Cross I went there much more frequently. This day, I went specifically with the intention of photographing flowers, because I figured that being Spring it would be a good time. And it was. It was also a good time to see baby ducks and moorhens.

It was a fairly warm day, sunny, beautiful. Actually, these are not the best conditions for photography, I find. And I did get a little sunburnt. But it is such a lovely place to be that I would not have been too disappointed if I took no photos at all.

Glad I did, though.

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