Well, the exhibition has yet to be set up. These are the images I am proposing to use. It will be a little way off yet: I have to set it up first, get all the prints made and framed, arrange when and where. I know where I hope to have it and that should be possible, but more anon.

If you have any comments about the selection, please let me know here. I chose the pictures that I chose to give a mixed sense of variety and continuity. Since this is my first exhibition I dodn’t want to ‘theme’ it too much. Am I wrong? Am open to all constrcutive criticism.


2 Responses to “Exhibition”

  1. 23 August 2010 at 12:38 pm

    You chose a wonderful selection of photographs; I love what you did with the layering and the textures.

    Constructive criticism: I like your choice of theme and subthemes, but is it possible to order the photos differently to show off the themes? For instance, I think the flow would work better (at least, in terms of aesthetics, textures, ambiance, etc.) if you started with the Sundrop (rather than the cranky devil cat, which is before a stone wall) and continued with the water, liquid theme: then Float, Walking on Water, Tree Dappled (this would end the liquid theme), but Tree Dappled flows nicely into Standing Strong, then Network for a strong, hard theme. Followed by Looking Beyond Memory (which is a nice “break” while working as a smooth transition) to concrete theme with: Harbour Bridge View 1 then La Perouse, both continuing the hard theme. After that could come the stone theme, with: Face and then Cranky Devil Cat (or perhaps Cranky Devil Cat then Face because the colors of Face lead nicely into the last photograph). Rounding out the whole exhibition would be QVB Mandala.

    I realize that this is probably more of a personal decision, but, to me, your main theme and subthemes seemed to move better in the order I describe (I mean no offense).

    As I said, lovely choice of photos. And congrats on your exhibition.

    • 23 August 2010 at 6:31 pm

      Thanks, Niko. I had thought about the order and I was going with colour for the Cranky Devil Cat followed by Sundrop. When they are eventually arranged on the walls I may choose to have them differently, though. And I take no offense at all.

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