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Some recent photos that I have put up on my RedBubble profile. There is the definite scent of winter in them.

I should also mention that the Phocus network looks like it will be dropped as no-one seems to be that enthused. Yes, I got new members but there is not really any contribution so to speak and I do not see the point of paying for this if no-one really wants it that much. I am not too disappointed, though, as I have enough to do as it is.



I started this a little while ago without any clue why apart from the novelty of it. The host will soon be ending free sites so I am trying to put it to good use rather than just let it go.

The new purpose is not unique, but it is for a smallish group of people to discuss photography and the business of photography and have a laugh, too. See what other photographers are up to, what makes them tick, chat…

Also, you can upload your photos and then embed a video presentation on your website.

I would be delighted if you would take a look.



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