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The week that was

So I went out into the rain and took some photos.

I didn’t get too wet except when trying to get a photo of a car driving through a deep puddle – I stood too close!

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Also, I have started a new website: Smallfox Photography which is a flash site. There is still work to do with it but it is up and running.  If it works out then it may become the main site as it looks pretty flash indeed.


The photographer’s best friend!

It’s a beautiful rainy day so I think that I shall take my camera for a walk.  Rain is the photographer’s best friend, in my opinion; the mood it creates, the shine and the overall diffuse light of a cloudy day are wonderful, and if the sun comes out then the light contrasts are fantastic!


First official photo post

Points of View

I took this photo on one of the beaches of my childhood, in Safety Bay, Western Australia.  Going back there I was reminded of so much, the particular seaweed smells of this location, the way this sand smells, different from other beaches, the onion grass, a thick grass-like plant, tough, with onion-like bulbs, the quiet… .  This is my cousin, also a photographer, in the picture – the face, that is, because I’m the one taking the shot.

Happy innocent days of childhood, when danger lurked around every corner but was never real. (I was blessed.)


Hello world!

Just started this WordPress blog for the biz and trying to work out how to work it.

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